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The Sleep Center in Gainesville, Florida also offers special incentives on select models and special sales events on the best names in mattresses.

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Feel The Difference

Tests demonstrate how much our mattresses reduce pressure to various parts of the body. The term "mm Hg" stands for "millimeters of mercury," and results have shown that anything over 30 mm Hg restricts blood flow. The lower the number, the healthier the sleep. Many conventional innerspring mattresses actually exceed 30 mm Hg.

A nationally advertised innerspring and foam mattress, measuring 20 mm Hg, was tested for comparison to the Scandinavian Foam Mattress. Our mattress measured a significant 5.6 mm Hg less than the nationally advertised brand.

You want to invest in a mattress that's built to last. Independent tests simulating many years of use demonstrate that Scandinavian Foam Mattresses with Quiltflex maintain their performance characteristics as well as or better than most competing viscoelastic, latex, and conventional mattresses.


Family Values


We're an old company with FRESH IDEAS on how to provide "Pain Free" sleep for our primary consumers, "The Baby Boomers".

Our Scandinavian "Pressure Relief" mattresses can vastly reduce the pain associated with debilitating conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and they can possibly eliminate pain from less serious ailments such as osteoarthritis and arthritis.

The majority of mattress consumers today are looking for help in finding a mattress that will provide comfort by reducing pain, especially in their normal sleeping position, which will allow them to drift into a sound uninterrupted sleep.

You can't really put a Value on what a wonderful, refreshing night's sleep is worth. But as ones productivity and well being are directly related to the quality of sleep, it certainly stands to reason that purchasing the wrong mattress, based on price, is not the wise decision.

~ Invest in your HEALTH & COMFORT...You Deserve It ~

The Sleep Center is your Scandinavian Sleep headquarters!