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Customer Reviews


Here at the Sleep Center, we strive to make every single person extremely satisfied with The Sleep Center's products & customer service. We love to hear from you, at any part during the sales process or after interacting with us. Through your feedback, we can only get better and always excel at your highest expeditions!

Send us your thoughts and reviews today. 

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Pillow Lining

We just had an enjoyable experience buying...
Posted by C. and T. on 01/11/2015
Gainesville, Florida

We just had an enjoyable experience buying a new bed with the help of Shane at the The Sleep Center, Esplanade at Butler Plaza. We initially planned to visit several mattress stores. Shane did such a wonderful job of answering our questions while providing worthwhile comparisons with great explanations about the technology for each mattress...we felt very comfortable and confident we were getting the bed we wanted at a very good price. Thanks Shane!


Pillow Lining

Our sales person, Garrett McKinney, was very knowledgeable...
Posted by Mary Jo B. on 05/15/2014
Gainesville, Florida

Our sales person, Garrett McKinney, was very knowledgeable and helpful and we have a perfect mattress. Also, James and Rick came to bring it to us and were prompt. courteous, helpful and we appreciated them as well. Thank you, Ralph and Mary Jo B.


Pillow Lining

I had a mattress emergency with...
Posted by Nancy S. on 05/13/ 2014
Gainesville, Florida

I had a mattress emergency with an elderly guest. The staff accommodated my needs and I was out the door in 10 minutes with delivery in just over an hour. Great customer service. We will be buying all our sleep needs from The Sleep Center in Gainesville.


Pillow Lining

Excellent Customer Satisfaction with warranty exchange...
Posted by James M. on 01/27/2014
Gainesville, Florida

Excellent Customer Satisfaction with warranty exchange. I purchased a Spring Air mattress from the Sleep Center roughly over a year ago; unfortunately the mattress had a manufacturer issue that required it to be replaced. I contacted the Sleep Center who worked with me in contacting Spring Air for the replacement. Because of a few issues I was having with the mattress, they covered the inspection and delivery fee of the replacement (which is very uncommon in this situation). Once I contacted Sleep Center with the issue, they worked on my behalf for the replacement and cost coverage all within reasonable amount of time and no cost on my part. I appreciated their open communication with me, customer service, and their willingness to be proactive with the issue. I would definitely recommend the Sleep Center for their services and products.


Pillow Lining

What can I say about the Sleep Center that...
Posted by Joan L. C. on 12/10/2013
Gainesville, Florida

What can I say about the Sleep Center that I have not already said before? Every time I need a mattress or someone in my family needs a mattress, I can always depend on Brent and his great employees to help me find the a great bed at a great price. I highly recommend you buy all your mattresses at this great place because the customer service and bedding is superior to any other store!


My Daughter bought a ComforPedic Mattress...
Posted by Sandra S on 11/14/2013
Ocala, Florida

My Daughter bought a ComforPedic Mattress and you delivered it Saturday. She told me this morning she laid down in her old bed that she gave her daughter and felt like she was laying on cement. She LOVES LOVES LOVES HER NEW MATTRESS. She lays down to sleep and never moves unless nature calls.. Then she makes herself switch sides she is laying on. T was the best investment ever.. Everyone worked really hard to help her find the perfect mattress.. Thank you Brent and the rest of your staff.


Not to long ago, I had horrible experiences...
Posted by Julia L. 07/12/2013
Facebook, Gainesville, Florida

Not to long ago, I had horrible experiences with two different local stores. However, the Sleep Center is exceptional service and quality. Best customer service experience I have ever received in Gainesville.


Great Product, Incredible Selection...
Posted by Jana and Brent on 06/03/13
Newberry, Florida

Great Product, Incredible Selection, and Awesome Service define our experience in your Store. We decided to visit your Store after visiting your Internet Website. We found not one sales person but four who knew their products like the back of their hands to help us select the best bed for us. They have more than 70 beds in the Store. These people UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY DELIVER. We purchased a great bed and set up a FREE home delivery. The bed was delivered RIGHT ON TIME. They even took all the packaging with mess. Thank you Steve, Brent, and James. YOU HAVE EARNED OUR BUSINESS.


Best Experience ever!...
Posted by Julia and Adam on 05/19/13
Gainesville, Florida

Best Experience ever! Sam is such an amazing person in this store. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us, This was my first experience buying a bed and he made it very pleasant. He answered all of our questions and gave us space to talk amongst ourselves, I thought that I would have to go from store to store before making a decision but because of his excellent customer service we decided to just stay there and purchase from him. All of their beds are amazing that it took us a few hours in there until we finally settled on one bed which we took home that night, The crew there stayed late in order to make sure we had a bed that same night since we were on an air mattress. I usually think reviews are done by people who work there, especially if they are very good ones. Well I don't work there but I hope everyone goes to them next time they are in the market!!!


Brent and his crew are AWESOME!!!!...
Posted by John, Laura & Kira on 02/10/13
Gainesville, FL

Brent and his crew are AWESOME!!!!! My family needed new mattresses last year - we started our search in December 2011. We must have been to every mattress store in Gainesville. We were fortunate to finally make into Sleep Center. Over the course of the year, we FINALLY made our decision for our daughter's bed in August - she has been sleeping peacefully ever since on her new foam mattress. Making a decision about our bed was more difficult because my husband and I have different ideas (fancy thaT!). And I felt like the princess and pea - the first mattress we had delivered was "too high" - the second one was "too hard" and the third was JUST RIGHT! All were Scandinavian Sleep System mattresses and we are thrilled with our Sandman model. No more shoulder pain. No more hip pain. No more back pain. NO MORE PAIN! Brent made the deal sweeter by being forever patient, and the 30 ay comfort guarantee allowed us to make the changes we needed, yet keep the price as low as possible (it was worth the $50 fee each time). We are 110% satisfied for the 150% effort Brent and his crew offered us. Go see these guys; you won't regret it. We promise.


Wow! Best night's sleep ever!...
Posted by Steve & Linda on 01/28/13
Ft White, Florida

Wow! Best night's sleep ever! That's exactly how my wife and I feel about our new, Tempur-Pedic Cloud mattress, we purchased from the Sleep Center in Magnolia Parke, Gainesville, Florida.

Brent Spaulding (the store's manager) and his entire staff were extremely courteous and knowledgeable l during the complete purchase process.

I would highly recommend this mattress and this store to anyone shopping for a great night's sleep.


I highly recommend your next purchase...
Posted Jake C. on 01/04/13
Gainesville, Florida

I highly recommend your next purchase from The Sleep Center Gainesville. The store has many brands and styles of mattresses to choose from, and the Staff are very knowledgeable and will ask you questions to help you decide on the right mattress.

From choosing the right mattress, to finalizing the sale and delivery, the Staff will want to make sure the customer is happy with the purchase.



These few words will not fully express my complete...
Posted by Chris D. on 10/31/12

These few words will not fully express my complete satisfaction with The Sleep Center in Gainesville, FL. Brent and the whole staff were extraordinarily accommodating. The Pure Bliss bed I purchased is so amazing I almost cried with joy the first night I slept on it. My hips and back have been pain free since then. The service at this store is equally amazing. I would highly recommend The Sleep Center in Gainesville.



Very kind, Well informed, Willing to...
Posted by David & Tania S. on 07/08/12

Very kind, Well informed, Willing to go the extra step, No pressure customer service - even when dealing with more than 1 customer, everyone is important to Sleep Center. Very fair and honest. Great showroom, selection, policies and promotions. Thanks for your help, patience and efforts Steve! Thanks for everything Brent, Steve, Justin and Sam! Well Done!



Finally, a great bed store is in Gainesville...
Posted by; Arlene on 03/01/2012

Finally, a great bed store is in Gainesville!! After visiting all the usual bedding stores, I found a fantastic store, The Sleep Center, on NW 39th Avenue in town. The owner of the store, Brent Spaulding, is wonderful to work with in suggesting just the right bed, and with very good pricing. He certainly knows the bedding market and was very helpful. It's a newer store with quite a variety of name brands. If you are looking for a hassle-free, professionally handled purchase, I'd highly recommend The Sleep Center. The delivery people were on time and did a really great job also. I would recommend this store to all my friends and family.  



After shopping around for a new bed for...
Provided by; MikeLo on 11/15/2011

After shopping around for a new bed for over a month and a half, my wife and I were frustrated and tired of the whole experience. We happened to be driving by the Sleep Center and decided to stop in. We spent the next 4 hours trying out beds and asking many many questions. The service was great definitely not your typical pushy and over-baring salesman. We love our tempur-pedic! Highly recommend these guys. They're awesome!



I just took delivery of my new Tempur-Pedic...
Provided by; raystern on 10/15/2011

I just took delivery of my new Tempur-Pedic mattress and ergo frame. The entire purchase experience with the Sleep Center exceeded all my expectations. Brent and his staff were a pleasure to deal with. They didn't rush or pressure me to buy, and they were quite knowledgeable about their products. They wanted to ensure that I got the right bed, and It was apparent to me that my satisfaction was more important to them than just making a sale! They delivered promptly as promised, and they removed and disposed of my old bedding. They were competitively priced, and I highly recommend them!!!!


The Sleep Center in Gainesville, Florida also offers special incentives on select models and special sales events on the best names in mattresses.

The Sleep Center
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The Sleep Center in Gainesville, Florida also offers special incentives on select models and special sales events on the best names in mattresses.

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